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The Triple Threat Foundation

Jerry founded the Triple Threat Foundation (TTF) in 2002 after witnessing the horrible effects of diabetes firsthand. Two of his sisters lost the battle to diabetes, and his parents are both currently living with the disease. The Foundation's goals are to increase funding for diabetes-related research, patient care, and prevention; promote the importance of daily physical activity and maintaining a proper diet; and encourage behavioral changes that lesson the risk of diabetes and other serious medical conditions caused by obesity.

The TTF is building a network of people, organizations and corporations who share this mission and are working to develop healthy living initiatives that educate and empower our nation's youth.

Jerry is focused on ensuring that funds are available for continued research, care and clinics as well as education and awareness programs related to diabetes, especially for minorities. Most recently, Jerry founded a project to empower and enable young people to fight obesity called The Professional Athletes Council (PAC). Obesity is a major cause of diabetes, affecting 1 in 5 kids between the ages of 6 and 19.

Stack has recieved many awards for his charitable endeavors. He has supported and continues to support worthwhile organizations that are also committed to helping young people and their families live healthy lives and prevent diabetes through groups such as the American diabetes Association, the Juvenile diabetes Research Foundation, the VERB Program created by the Center for Disease Control, the President's Council for Physical Fitness, the Joslin diabetes Center and the diabetes Research Foundation. In addition, he has spoken in front of Congress twice to address the importance of funding as it relates to research and treatment for minorities with diabetes.

House of Hope

Foster's Chapel was established in 1960. The vision for the church was to seek lost souls for Christ and to grow in Christ.

Over the years, the building began to deteriorate. Through various programs, the leaders and members sought to raise funds to remodel and purchase the church. Members pulled together to paint, install bathrooms, lay carpet and add siding.

The House of Hope.

In July, 2005 Foster's Chapel members received the final papers for ownership to the church and land. Due to the need for further renovations to Foster's Chapel, the members were debating on whether to continue with the renovations or build a new church. Pastor Minnie Stackhouse (Jerry's mother) prayed for guidance in the church's decision knowing that the Lord wanted to increase her territory.

Because the church wanted to hold to the vision of seeking lost souls for Christ, it was apparent that the location of the church should be in close proximity of those in need. Therefore, it was decided that the church's location be within Kinston city limits.

Pastor Stackhouse was approached with the suggestion of purchasing the church formerly known as St. Peter's Disciple's of Christ. Once again, the dilemma was whether to do major renovations/remodeling or build a new church.

Although constructing a new church would have been more economical, Pastor Stackhouse knew the location of this building would be a blessing to those the church wanted to reach.

After contacting Jerry, he came down, looked over the location and asked Pastor Stackhouse if she really wanted the building. She expressed that it would be his decision. However, Pastor Stackhouse felt that it was the will of the Lord and she claimed it in the name of Jesus.

At the beginning of 2006, the building on 710 E. Lincoln St. was purchased. Renovations began from roof-top to the basement. After eight months of prayers and re-construction, House of Hope Free Will Baptist Church was ready for its first Quarterly Meeting Service.

Many are now able to walk to the church to receive their physical and spiritual food.

"But I will hope continually and will yet praise thee more and more." - Psalms 71:14

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